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Thursday, 26 May, 2016

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Event's / Webcast's

SlInstitute Name26-05-201627-05-201628-05-201629-05-201630-05-2016
1IIT- Bhubaneshwar11101
2NIT- Jalandhar00001

Offering / Requested Courses

Courses Offering Over Virtual Classroom
Institute Branch Subject Professor Date
1 IIT- Delhi Civil Engineering Advanced Structural Kamal Singh 04 Sep 13 To 08 Nov 13
2 NIT- Kurukshetra Computer Science Computer Networks Dr.Mayank Dave 05 Feb 15 To 07 May 14
3 IISER- Mohali Chemistry Algebraic Geometry Dr. Mahender Singh 07 Aug 13 To 04 Dec 13
4 NIT- Jalandhar Chemistry Environmental Geotechnics Dr A K Jain 01 Dec 14 To 03 Jun 16
5 IIT- Ropar Mechanical Engineering Robotics Dr. Ekta Singla 08 Jan 13 To 25 Apr 13
Courses Requested Over Virtual Classroom
Institute Branch Subject Topic Semester Course
1 IISER- Mohali Mathematics Algebraic Geometry Functional Analysis receiving from IISER Bhopal Sem-1 PhD
2 IIT- Ropar Mechanical Engineering Robotics MEL418 Sem-5 UG
3 IISER- Trivandrum Biology Advanced Organic Chemistry-II Advanced Organic Chemistry - II Sem-5 UG
4 NIT- Raipur Mathematics Algebra I Module Theory and its application Sem-11 PhD
5 IISER- Kolkata Mathematics Introduction to Algebraic Geometry Algebraic Geometry Sem-11 UG

What's New

Landfills and Geo-environmental Engineering'
05 days course under GIAN at NIT Jalandhar VCR (91197471) from 30 May to June 03, 2016 organized by ' .......[more]

Muon Spectroscopy in Condenced Matter'
Complementary Techniques & Overview of ISIS facility RAL U K will be hosted at IISER- Bhopal VCR, I' .......[more]

MuonSpectroscopy in Condenced Matter'
Applications of µSR will be hosted at IISER- Bhopal VCR, IISER- Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh on 26/05/2016' .......[more]

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