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Friday, 22 Aug, 2014

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Event's / Webcast's

SlInstitute Name22-08-201423-08-201424-08-201425-08-201426-08-2014
1IISER- Pune10011
2IIT- Bombay20031
3IIT- Kharagpur20032
4IIT- Madras00001
5IIT- Roorkee00010
6NIT- Kurukshetra00001

Offering / Requested Courses

Courses Offering Over Virtual Classroom
Institute Branch Subject Professor Date
1 IIT- Delhi Civil Engineering Advanced Structural Kamal Singh 22 Feb 13 To 22 Feb 13
2 IIT- Delhi Mechanical Engineering Power Plant Engineering S.S KALE 04 Sep 13 To 08 Nov 13
3 IIT- Delhi Civil Engineering Engineering Mechanics Prof.PMV Subbarao 20 Jan 14 To 31 Mar 14
4 NIT- Kurukshetra Computer Science Computer Networks Dr.Mayank Dave 24 Jan 14 To 07 May 14
5 NIT- Kurukshetra Master of Computer Aplication Computer Organization Architecture Prof.Ashutosh Kumar Singh 19 Aug 14 To 30 Nov 14
6 IISER- Mohali Mathematics Algebraic Geometry 07 Jan 13 To 28 Feb 13
7 IISER- Mohali Mathematics Groups and Geometry Prof. Kapil Hari Paranjape 15 Jan 13 To 25 Apr 13
8 IISER- Mohali Mathematics Algebraic Geometry Dr. Mahender Singh 07 Aug 13 To 30 Nov 13
9 IISER- Mohali Chemistry Theoretical Chemistry Prof. Michael Baer 17 Aug 13 To 04 Dec 13
10 NIT- Jalandhar Electronics and Communication Engineering Signal and System Dr Ramesh K. Sunkaria 23 Dec 13 To 27 Dec 13
Courses Requested Over Virtual Classroom
Institute Branch Subject Topic Semester Course
1 IISER- Mohali Mathematics Algebraic Geometry Functional Analysis receiving from IISER Bhopal Sem-1 PhD
2 IIT- Ropar Mechanical Engineering Robotics MEL418 Sem-5 UG
3 IISER- Trivandrum Biology Advanced Organic Chemistry-II Advanced Organic Chemistry - II Sem-5 UG
4 IISER- Kolkata Mathematics Introduction to Algebraic Geometry Algebraic Geometry Sem-11 UG
5 MNIT-Jaipur Civil Engineering Structural Analysis-I Non-Linear analysis of Framed Structures. Sem-1 PG


Virtual Classroom is a wonderful application for E-Learning with over Digital Network of National Informatics Centre, Ministry of Communication & IT, Govt. of India. It supports Educational Institution in better mentoring for the remote learning. The infrastructure facilitates quality Education and Research at National Level interconnecting premier institutions and students removing state and district boundaries.
The Faculty can do an interactive Lecture. Students can participate live during the course of the session from a remote site.

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